Need a quick getaway? Check out these destinations

In dire need of a short vacation?

You can always take a trip to places that are four hours away or less from Singapore (whether by plane, boat or car).

And if you’re tired of going to the same spots or just aren’t a fan of crowds, you can check out lesser-known destinations that not only have no lack of Instagram-worthy views, but that offer a lot of privacy and space amid luxuriant jungles or glittering seas.

1. Seremban, Malaysia

Seremban is the state capital of Negiri Sembilan and is a four-hour drive away.

Few people know that this sleepy town is actually also home to lots of nature parks and forest reserves.

If you’re a fan of chilling by the pool overlooking lush greenery and cottony clouds, you’ll be happy to know that there are plenty of modern resorts and lodges in the area that can offer you this relaxing setup.

For a start, try checking out The Shorea Retreats.

2. Cempedak Island, Indonesia

This private island resort that was developed by the same team behind Nikoi Island takes about two-and-a-half hours to get to from here (the journey involves two boat rides and one car ride).

It boasts white-sand beaches and even a rainforest that’s home to exquisite birds such as hornbills, eagles and kingfishers, but what it may most impress you with could be its host of luxurious bamboo villas that come with an infinity pool.

To learn more, visit Cempedak Island.

3. Karimun, Indonesia

You can reach this little island known for its clear blue water via ferry, and the best part is it’ll just take you a little more than two hours.

Aside from chilling by its many beaches, you can also go spearfishing (it’s legal and considered environmentally friendly enough there), visit the renowned Love Hill or even go island-hopping.

Don’t know where to spend a couple of nights? Check out Telunas Resorts.

This article was first published on CLEO Singapore